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Why are these two serving together?

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December 8, 2014

I think Elder Gooch said it best when he said, ``I feel bad for any poor soul that has to be taught the Gospel from you two...`` 

Solid week with my MTC bud Elder Crooks.  With the volcano still going off, and us still feeling the effects from it, it was a strange week.  
We had a zone conference, and we did a sweet musical number, ``Angels We Have Heard on High``.  I played the piano with Elder Naylor, Gilbert, Crooks, and Pauli singing.  That went as well as it could have with us five, and they asked us to do it again this week for the Christmas party with President.  
It was kind of a crazy week chasing everyone down, but we ended the week with a couple of baptisms, and everything went well.  

Friday morning we went and filled up the fount preparing for Saturday.  Then we got there Saturday morning, and some little seminary student had drained the water.  He was actually there when we saw the fount empty Saturday morning.  He proceeded to laugh, thinking he was the funniest kid ever.  So Elder Crooks and I carried buckets of water for about an hour and a half to fill up the fount.  It was a little inconvenience, and I was more than a little frustrated at the kid.  But Elder Crooks are trying to be more positive during this Christmas season, and we forgave the little child.  I'm sure all of us have our own little draining the fount moments in our life haha.     We also had 110 people at church, and its amazing to see the Lord work with these people here.  
I love being a missionary, and I love serving with Elder Crooks.  

Hope all of us keep Christ in our lives, and try to be a little more like him everyday.  ``The only thing you can really give Christ is your agency.  Its the only thing that is really ours to give.  And when we do that, He makes us what we were made to be``~ Elder Packer  

Have a great week, Elder Jarvis 

Ill try to write a little, but we hardly have any time.  This was a sweet week from Fogo.  Im exausted right now, just getting off a van from sao filipe.  We have our christmas party this week, and that should be fun.  Sad to think that Ill prob be leaving Fogo, and not seeing if for a long time pretty soon here.
Last monday it rained like crazy, and we found a little time to email.
Tuesday we went to Estancy Rokie, and all three of our baptisms were good.  Wednesday was a normal working day.  We had a zone meeting, that was fun.
We did a special musical number where I played ÂȘCantos anjos glorious nas ceusÂȘ or angels we have heard on high on the piano.  I practiced a sweet way to play it, we had Elder Naylor, Pauli, Crooks, and Gilbert singing.  We were asked to do it again for president this week at the christmas party this week, so that will be fun.  Ive actually done like 4 special musical numbers, I just keep forgetting to tell you guys about it haha.  
So next week in Stake Conference, and we found out that we couldnt baptise that week because people would have to wait a week to get confirmed.  And we had two dates marked for next week.  So we asked them if they wanted to move it up and get baptised this week, and they said yep! So we ended up having 5 baptisms this week.  Most Ive ever had in a week on the mish.  It was pretty sweet.
Funny experiece.  So Crooks and I go to fill up the fount friday for the baptism saturday morning at 10.  So we fill it up friday afternoon, and everything goes well.  Then we wake up saturday, after all of them passed the interviews Friday, and crooks tells me about his dream haha.  He says that in his dream, we filled up the fount, and Elder Accord was there and it was super funny.  And then some kid drained the fount, and it was a big problem.  End of dream.  So we show up to the baptism an hour early at 9.  No water in the fount.  Some little seminary student thought he was funny Friday night, and drained all the water.  So we had to bucket all the water in, because it takes like 3 hours for the fount to fill up.  And we didnt have any rope.  So I had to pretty much go swimming with my body to get the water out haha.  It was funny, and it all worked out.  The whole time I was thinking that God isnt just going to give us five baptisms without a lot of work and stress haha.  But they all got baptised, and all got confirmed the next day and everything went well.
Our frequency also got up to 110.  A little improvement from the 45 we had when I got here haha.
Everything is good here.  I love Cova.  I havent changed more in any area, and I dont feel like I have changed any area more.  Everyting is good, and Crooks is sweet! I love you guys so much, and hope you have a great week.
BTW, we have to be obedient this christmas and only skype for 45 mins to an hour, so maybe write some questions of things we need to talk about down, and that will be sweet! Thanks a bunch for everything you guys do! Love Nate

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