Monday, February 23, 2015

Praia Weekly

January 5, 2015

This was a pretty solid week from Praia.  We have council tomorrow, and I have to give a training the next day, so I wont email too long because I need to plan the training.  Itll be on obedience because a couple of missionaries in the zone have a hard time finding ºmotivationº to work...  So Ill show this video, then talk about it.  heres the link
Everything is going well from out here.  We had a baptism this week, his name is Kevin, he was sweet.  We did a division with some other elders, that's always good.  
So I will serve with Elder Figuriedo until the end of the month, then I will receive a new comp at the start of next month.  I'm excited for that.  He is a boss, and Ive known him for a very long time.  We became zls at the same time, about a year ago.  I saw a couple of guys from Assomada this week, that was fun.  Ill write more later, this computer is awful.  Love you guys!

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