Thursday, May 29, 2014

Transfer to Fogo! Stake created in Fogo!

May 26, 2014

Presidência da Estaca de São Filipe, Fogo: Adilson Teixeira, primeiro conselheiro; Luís Vieira Vieira, presidente; Jaílson Teixeira Teixeira, segundo conselheiro - (foto: Elder Thompson)
The New, First Ever,  Stake Presidency in Fogo!
Presidência da Estaca de São Filipe, Fogo: Adilson Teixeira, primeiro conselheiro; Luís Vieira Vieira, presidente; Jaílson Teixeira Teixeira, segundo conselheiro - (Foto: Elder Thompson)

Hey I'm sure your not awake yet, but I got transferred last night and I don't have much time to write before I go. I'm going to serve in Fogo, Sao Filipe! I'm sure stoked. I will be serving with Elder Gunther.  And I will be living in the same house as Elder Gooch and Bazzarone,  two of my best friends on the mish!! I cant tell you how excited I am!

President called me and said the following ªElder Jarvis, I'm putting you with a companion that needs your help, in a very weak branch, in a very fragile stake (created last Sunday!). And right now I need you to do this more than I need you to be a Zone Leader. You did an incredible job as a Zone Leader, the work in Assomada is fine right now, and myself and the lord need your help building this stakeª 

I'm so excited to get out there! Fogo was made a stake yesterday, but its still very fragile and weak. I will try to email later today when I get to Fogo.  I love you guys, thanks for everything! Hope all is good, Ill write more later! 

A few hours later.........

I'm already here, took a plane today, it was great. Came over with Gooch, and I'm living with him and Bazzarone.  It'll be the best mission house ever.

Here is the press release I found on about the creation of the Stake:  It will work better if you know portuguese :)

FYI, the first stake in Cape Verde was created in 2012, the second in 2013, now the third in 2014.  Seems like an awesome time for the country!

Criada a Estaca de São Filipe na Ilha do Fogo

Directora Nacional de Relações Públicas
No dia 25 de Maio foi criada a Estaca de São Filipe na Ilha do Fogo, a terceira Estaca da Igreja em Cabo Verde. O evento foi presidido pelo Elder Timothy J. Dyches, segundo conselheiro na Presidência da Área da Europa.
A Estaca de São Filipe - Fogo é a terceira Estaca da Igreja a ser organizada em Cabo Verde, depois das Estacas de Mindelo e Praia criadas em 5 de Maio de 2013 e 29 de Abril de 2012 respectivamente. No evento foi apoiada e posteriormente designada a presidência da Estaca que é composta por:
  • Luis Manuel Dias Vieira, Presidente
  • Adilson Teixeira, primeiro conselheiro
  • Jailson Miguel Barbosa Teixeira Teixeira, segundo conselheiro
A Igreja iniciou as suas actividades em Cabo Verde em 1989 com a chegada dos primeiros missionários e, em Dezembro de 1990, foi formalmente reconhecida pelas autoridades Cabo-verdianas como entidade religiosa. Conta actualmente com mais de 10.700 membros e está presente em 9 ilhas.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A couple baptisms, 100 at church, and we found snow cones!

We found Snow Cones!
So this week was a pretty normal one in Assomada.  We went down to Zone Conference in Praia.  It was very strange because it was the last Zone Conference for President Oliviera because next month he will just do interviews with all the missionarys to end his run in Cabo Verde.  We also had the final testomonies from Elder Accord, Fogerberg, and Odderstrom. 

We had a couple baptisms this week.  Selene, the niece of our recent convert Vera was baptised.  Shes 19, and she was sweet.
We also had Ani, who was special for me.  I've literally taught her since I got here, and she had a super problem coming to church.  I've lost a lot of sleep trying to get her to church.  She always knew it was true, but she just wouldn't come to church for one reason or another.  Then one day we fasted for her, and she came to church and now she is doing great.  So that was really rewarding.  

We did have a funny experience with her 9 year old son, where if he would have gone to church they could have been baptised together.  And we were talking with him before church, and we even had a little primary home teacher come with us.  And the little primary kid told him that he had to chose one church, us or the Catholics.  And he said, I chose the Catholics.  It was super funny, but he came to church this week and will be baptized soon. 
Our ward in Assomada got the all time high frequency, almost getting 100 people at church, which is crazy good because our ward split, and thats just a sweet number to get. Grasas a Deus.  (That's what all the old cape verde ladies say, super funny)

Like I mentioned earlier, Elder Christensen goes home, which is just mind blowing for me.  He is in Fogo right now, but he is going to come up to Assomada and visit me before he leaves for America Thursday.  Super Crazy. 
Also, Praia was made one Zone again, making the Zones down to 5 again.  Just Assomada, Praia, Fogo, Mindelo, and Sal.  There was 7 Zones at one point in time, so things are changing, getting ready for the new mission president.
We also had a rescue family this week, and thats incredible.  They were inactive for like three years, and now we got them all going back to church and they all recieved callings.  Lada, the mom, Vera, Lady, the daughters, and Juakeen, the son that is now preparing to serve a mission.  That'll work.  

I love all you guys, and I love being a missionary.  Thanks for everything you guys do, and Ill see you next week. 
Elder Jarvis, Cabo Verde

Day after Mothers Day

May 12, 2014



Well not really too much to talk about cause I did talk to the fam yesterday... Assomada is still Assomada.  We went down to Praia today, and then we came back up to Assomada, and now we are going back down to Praia tomorrow, so a lot of time in a Hiace.  I love it tho! We have Zone Conference tomorrow, Im excited for that.   We had a baptism named Kevin last week.  He is super dope, he can dance like crazy, super shy, but just a baller! 
I failed to mention this in my last couple emails, but elder Folgerberg is living in the house now, its a four elder house. I love having him around, Ive learned a bunch from him! I love what Im doing, and I abosolutly love Assomada! 
Lots of my best friends on the mission are going home soon, so that kinda stinks. Elders Smith, Acord, Bruce, Christensen, and Darling, but its all good! I love all you guys, have a good week! 

I went down to praia this morning, came back to assomada this afternoon, and will go back to praia, and come back to assomada tomorrow.  I wont lie, I'm just exhausted, but I love it!

Elder Martinez had interviews with president cause of the fight with the bishop.  Were staying together though.

Love Elder Jarvis

The week before Mother's Day

May 5, 2014

I'm doing fine, solid week of work, should have 3 baptisms this week.  

I just really wanted to write with Ben, stinks he's at work.

I probably wont write a big letter, I'll talk with you guys next week.  I will talk between the hours or 3 and 9 cape verde time.  So I guess kinda be on and ready, sorry I cant give you more info than that...  

The Week Ben gets Home

April 28, 2014

I know that whatever I say this week will take second to my big brother coming home this week, so Im going to keep it short, and just write the major big things that happened.  

-The Church Flooded Tuesday and Elder Martinez and I cancelled 4 appointments to clean it up.  The sisters wouldnt help because they said that they had "Lessons Marked"...  Little silly but Im over it.  
- Did a 3 Day division with Tarafall East Elders, being away from home makes you miss it that much more, Love Assomada!  
-Elder Martinez and I continued to grab the horns of every animal that has them.  Our transfer quote is that Jarvis and Martinez grabbed Assomada by the horns.  
-I got to see Elder Crooks at soccer today.  We had 5 in my MTC District, 3 went back, so its just me and Crooks.  Havent seen him since our first day in cape verde over 8 months ago.  Reunited and it felt so good.  Ill send pics of everything next week.  
-Im in Praia for the ZL council tomorrow.  Love seeing all these guys, even ran into a few of my Recent converts from my time here.  Get to see Gooch, Bazzarone,Accord,  and all my best friends that are ZLs on other Islands.  
- On the division in  Tarafall I picked up a baby pig, and ran around the house as the Big Mama pig was not too thrilled with me picking up her fidju! "fidju is creol for child" 
-The Assomada wards are doing well
-I love Elder Martinez
-Got to play basketball last week
- Quick story.  We were walking in the street and some kid came up to us, super hammered.  He pulled out a restoration pamplet and showed us the pic of the first vision.  They he point to JS and said, "See this! That is me. And theTwo guys (God and Jesus) theyre my grandparents.  Theyre kings in America! And Obama just called me, and said Im gonna be a king in America.  Ive got a meeting with Obama like right now, but I need money to get to Praia to catch my plane!" Probably the funniest story Ive heard on my mission, and Ive heard quite a few of them.  
- Found a couple new families this week, and they should get baptized probably next transfer, hope I stay!  

Well I love all you guys! I love Assomada and I love being a missionary.  If your in Cedar, go say hi to my big brother for me this week! I love him more than anyone in the world, and hes been my best friend, and the best example to me. 
If you have the chance to go see Elder Ben Jarvis, do it and give him some love for his favorite brother in Africa! 
Love Ya Ben! 
Elder Jarvis