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Back to Praia

December 22, 2014

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Pretty crazy week getting transfered back to Praia. 

The Boat

Because of the smoke, no airplanes can leave Fogo, so I had to take the boat to Praia.  I had heard about the boat, and what I had heard wasn´t too good.  But I told myself I was going to be a champ, and take it like a man, and not get sick or anything.. 
That mindset went away very quickly haha.  I believe God was pretty sick of hearing from me, because that was a four hour prayer the whole time.  Everyone was sick except for Pres and Sister Mathews, because they were used to it.  I will give a couple quotes from people on the boat.  
Elder Nelson (Who was taking the boat to Praia, to go home) ´´That was the biggest trail of my mission´´ 
´´ I looked over at Sister Mathews! She was laughing at me, she should have been crying with me!´´
I told Pres I was never leaving this island again.  Literally one of the hardest things I have been through in my life.  

Christmas Party

I actually had 2 Christmas parties, because we had one in Fogo before I left, and one in Praia when I got here.  They were super good, and the food was excellent.  We had sweet green Christmas suspenders, and the party was fixe.  

Elder Camargo

I have been serving around Elder Camargo for almost my whole mission, but I had never had a chance to teach with him.  And he had worked this area before.  It was so sweet to teach with him, and I super wish I had the chance to serve with him.  When I left Fogo, I was in pretty good shape because there is nothing to eat there.  But Camargo bought food like crazy, and with it being Christmas, wasn't the best combination of things ever.  He is incredible.  

Spiritual Stuff

Studying Lucas 2, and Jesus The Christ, I had a couple interesting thoughts this week.  When Mary talks about being worried, and how Mary and His dad had been worried looking for him.  And Jesus responds, saying, how could my father be worried about me.  Dont you know that I am doing His business.  Cleary implying something that Mary seems to have forgotten from time to time.  Who really was Jesus´s dad.  And I started thinking about that, and our true potential.  And whose children we really are.  And it was a good thought I had.

I love all you guys, have a merry christmas!  

Much Love, Elder Jarvis  

oh the boat was the biggest trail of my mission haha. I threw up the whole time, it was terrible.  elder Zendimela is good, he is super humble, and goes home in two weeks, so I will have a new comp soon here.  There is 18 douplas of missionaries, and my week was hectic, but I love it.  

Yeah things are a little busier.  The only thing I miss is the study time I had in cova fig.  I was diving so much into Jesus the Christ, and now I am just buying boat tickets for maio and fogo.  I watched a movie, sons of provo, the other day.  You need to watch it dad. Its hilarious and we could quote it together haha.  Thanks for all the updates, it was great to hear about everything.  We will try to skype at about 3 our time here.  Remember Pres is being pretty strict about the whole 40 min skype thing.  Obviously I dont agree 100%, but its the principal of obediencia so lets aim for that.  Elder Zandamela´s parents are actually divorced, so I might get to do it for a while if he has to skype them separately.  
My number is 993-xxxx
 Just buy a call card for like ten dollars, and you can call at any time on Christmas and i can talk.  Literally i will have that phone with me at all times, so whenever you want to call, do.  I love you guys! 

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