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Guess Who's Comps?

November 17, 2014

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So my camera was kinda stolen from the church this week.  I left in in my bag during a noite de integressao, and someone stole it.  I was upset that the camera was stolen, but more than that pretty much all the pics from the MTC up until Assomada were gone.  And also all the video logs and almost everything from fogo was stolen as well.  Kinda really sucked, but I prayed, and I will remember all this mission stuff, I just felt bad I wont have as many pics to send you guys.  But I have sent home the majority of the stuff, and we are going to try to find who has the camera.  Its a super small town, so maybe we find the person haha.  Im not sure If I should buy a new camera here, or have you guys send me one.  But just wait for a little while, and maybe it pops up haha. Love you guys.

Elder Crooks

First week on the job with my newly aquired MTC foe Elder Crooks.  Elder Crooks is such a boss. He´s such a sweet missionary.  As of right now I have served with comps from America, Cape Verde, Mosambeque, Argentina, Tonga, El Salvador, and Texas, (yes Elder Crooks claims Texas is its own country). We had a super good week, and talked Forever about the MTC days haha.  Its funny because we both hated Portugese in the MTC, now looking back its funny to think that at some point in time we didnt speak this language haha.  He is one of the most goofy, hard working Elders I have ever been around, and I freaking love this guy.  

Estancy Hokie

There is a zone way up the mountain called Estancy Hokie that we have recently started working.  We have gone up there twice, both times by car.  On Wednesday we missed the car, and we figured we would just walk, couldnt be that far.  After an hour and a half of walking on Fogo volcanic rock, we finally made it up there.  Never doing that again. But there are a lot of prepared people up there, and we actually had nine investigators from there show up to church.  


Sunday was probably one of the best days on my mission, meaning it was one of the best days of my life.  We went to church, and had nine investigators from Estancy Hokie come to church. We had also been working really hard with a big less active family, and we got them to go to church.  We also had a couple other less actives come to church and it was incredible.  The frequency on Sunday was 100.  My second week in Cova Fig, the frequency was down to 46 at one point.  Last week it was 68, and this week it was 100.  It was the most amazing feeling in the world to see that sacrament meeting room fill up.  Its tough to explain, but this has definantly been my hardest, most rewarding area.  And seeing the growth, and the Lords hand here in Cova Fig was one of the coolest things ever.  

Spiritual Stuff

All they call this on The Herd (sports radio show), 2 for the road.  Not that anyone reads this part of the email anyway.  
1, Had a district meeting on the talk, Tongues of Angels, by Elder Holland.  I try to read that talk once a transfer, and we did a district meeting on it and it went well.  Talks about not using sarcasm, even if you think you are skillful or clever with it. (Which I was under the impression I was) But he talks about how words hurt people, and sarcasm always leaving someone feeling hurt, even if thats not our intention. Super helped me a ton, and its something Ive been trying to overcome my entire mission. 
2, The forth missionary talk.  Elder Jaros sent it to me a little while back, and I try to read it once a transfer as well.  the biggest thing I get out of it goes along with a Michael Jordan quote that I love.  ´´Dont cheat the game, and it wont cheat you´´ If your a missionary, dont cheat your mission, or your transfer, and it wont cheat you.  Put in the work, take the extra step, run one more lap, throw one more punch. Dont cheat the game, and it wont cheat you.  

I love all you guys, have a great week! 
Elder Jarvis    

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