Monday, February 23, 2015

"The Volcano is Leaking..."

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Elder Crooks, getting away...

November 26, 2015

Sorry I did not have a chance to write this P day, not sure how many of you already heard, but the Volcano on the island of Fogo went off Sunday.  I was in church and the Bishop from the other ward pulled me out and said "Elder! The Volcano is leaking!"   Things have been a little "different" on this island the last couple days.  Everything is good, and Ive been advised by my mission president not to write too much in detail.  But everyone is safe, and everything is good here on Fogo.  Please pray for the people, homes, and families over by the volcano.  Love all you guys, have a great week!

Elder Jarvis

So just a little bit more so you guys know whats going on.  I have a sweet view of the volcano from my house, and the sky lights up red at night from reflection from the lava haha.  Its the coolest, pretiest thing ever.  We live quite a way away, and we are super duper safe.  Some of teh other elders got moved but we are super safe.  Its the first time its gone off in 20 years, and its super sweet, so pretty.  We havent had power the last couple of days, but are enjoying it now.  I freaking love you guys for sending shoes, but I told you not too haha! I really am grateful that you sent them, but they are a size and a half too big, theyre 12 and my other chruch shoes are 10 1/2, but its okay! I think the cheapest thing might be to have me send them back and you guys can return them, but let me know what you think.  Also you didnt comment on my camera being stolen, not sure if I should buy another one here, or if you want to try to send me one.  Ill write more later, love you guys

No IM still here in cova.  We are safe, just never have power.  All the store were closed yesterday, so that cChristmaspackage turned more into a survival kit haha.  Everything is good now, we have a little power and the stores are open.  Ill write more about the volcano later, Pres Matthews told us not to write too much, and I don't have a ton of time, the power will go out soon.  Im safe, and I have some of the coolest pics in the world haha.  

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