Monday, September 22, 2014

Power problems and marriage problems


Power Problems

As Elder Calhoon says on the best two years.  ²Its kinda cloudy, we been havin lots of rain².  Its been raining every day here, which means the power is never on.  Por isso, I didnt sent a long email last week.  The power is really schetchy, but luckily our fridge is similar to the fridge of most elders, and we dont have too much in there that can go bad when the power goes out.  Its a little inconvient, but what can ya do.  

Curt Schilling

I felt a little bit like Curt Schilling Sunday morning.  Curt Schilling threw game 6 of the 2004 ALCS agains the Yankees with a broken ankle.  And it was bleeding the whole game and he spoke about the blood running down to the bottom of his toes.  Im in no way comparing myself to Curt Schilling, but my shoe has a pretty big gap, and because of the rain if filled with water quickly and my toes were pretty wet for a while.  Im getting the shoes fixed this week, so there shouldnt be anymore problems.  Just a little funny comparison I made in my head and thought Id share it.  

Marriage Probs

We have been working really hard with Marcaleno and Titeta for their marriage and baptism to be this week. Everything worked out, but they can only do marriages on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And appearantly there is only one person on this whole Island that can do a marriage service, and he will be in Praia until next week.  We have transfers this week, so I have hoping that I get to stay to see the marriage.   #Familia

The Dog

I feel like the dog deserved a paragraph of its own.  The same reverent dog joined us for church this week.  And stayed for all three meetings with is better than a lot of our members.  I also played the piano in church, not saying I played well, but I played.  

Spiritual Stuff

Listened to Remember Lots Wife this week. Ive heard it a million times, but leaned some new stuff this time.  Learning from the past but not living in it.  A lot of missionaries, especially the Americans always talk about America and how great it is.  Things like carpet, hot showers,  paved roads, and grocery stores.  I would be lying if I said Im not guilty of doing the same things.  But the past is to learned from and not lived in. Not saying Im gonna teach these guys how to build a grocery store, but two years is such a short time away from all that stuff, and we signed on to give it all up for two years. Concercrate yourself, and see what the Lord can make with you.
Hope you guys all have a great week. Thanks for the letter, and please continue to send pics, its my favorite part of P Day! 

Elder Jarvis, Cova Fogo

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A few more Cova Pictures

September 15-16, 2014

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The House

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The Church
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Kids playing soccer at the church

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The Bedroom

Sunrise from Cova

September 15-16, 2014

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1. This is C and S.  I met C almost two months ago, he was a little drunk, with a beard, and long hair. He was super less active, with the Mel. Priesthood, who was currently breaking the law of chastity, living with his girlfriend.  And after the first lesson we challenged him to give up beer, and cut all his hair to show God that he wanted to change.  And he did.  Then we worked with his wife Forever, she was so stubborn in her Catholic ways.  But finally we committed them to marriage and baptism.  I'm not serving in the area anymore, but this next week they will get married, and she will get baptized.   It was so incredible to see them again, and see how the Lord changed their lives so much. 

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These are some little criancias at a family night. 

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We may not have running water or power, but this is what our sunrise looks like!

Firewood, new shoes, and "taking Cova by the horns".

Sept. 8, 2014

The Conference 

This week we had zone conference with Elder Moura from the 70. He was incredible.  I learned so much from him, and it was a blessing to be able to talk with him.  And his Portuguese is absolutely beautiful.  

Power Outage

It kinda felt like the Super Bowl when Elder Moura came, and has reminiscence qualities to the Super Bowl in 2013 because the power went out.  Probably turned out to be a blessing for me because I didn't have to play the piano haha.   


Everything got a little better, and it showed in our church attendance, and we did better.  It was definitely a solid week working from Cova, and we will keeping working.  Make Plays not Excuses as my friend Sister Shipp says haha.  

Sorry not a ton going on this week, keep writing, and I love hearing from all you guys!

Love Elder Jarvis, Cova Fogo

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Taking a little firewood home.
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"Taking Cova by the Horns"

Not sure my shoes love Fogo as much as I do. Im switching the souls of the shoes for tires this week.  Well see how that goes

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The soccer team and the cockroach

Sept. 2, 2014

Just a few pictures from Nate this week.

The soccer team. (They informed me that no real soccer players smile, and I'm no scrub) 

The view of the volcano from our house

Displaying IMG_1437[1].JPG    The cockroach we trapped in a cup for 7 weeks. he stayed alive inside the cup for 7 whole weeks. No food, water, nothing.  He died yesterday, may he rest in peace