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Shaquille O'neal

June 30, 2014

Super good week from the Island of Fogo.  Ha, a lot of funny things happened, and Ill try to write about those first. So we are teaching this family, and the kids are 19 and 18.  And they get it, like they want to be baptized, but they are afraid of what their Catholic mom will do.  So we go teach the mom, and we are talking about power to baptize and what not.  Let me replay that conversation.
EJ. = Elder Jarvis 
CVM = Cape Verdian Mom
EJ. So when Jesus was on the earth we had to power to baptize?
CVM. Of course, John had it, and then he baptized Jesus, then Jesus had it. 
EJ. Perfect, where did the power go after Jesus Died?
CVM. Well the Apostles had it.
EJ. Perfect! Who had it after the Apostles died? 
CVM. Faith. 
EJ. Who? 
CVM. Faith. 
 There's an interesting thought..  
Just a little of the stuff/ answers we receive on this mission.  This was not the first time it happened to me, and it will not be the last.

Another funny this was during English class last night. I walked out for a second, then walked back in to the room, and this guy named Pai, (Which means Father in English) (Old guy, funny glasses, super funny).  So I walk in and he says, in the cabo verde English accent, "Shaquille O'neal!" but because of the accent it sounded more like "Shaqweel O'neal!" And it was hilarious!  Then he said, in English "I will name my feege (child) Shaquille Oneal!" 

This other guy that we talked to said that he was homeless, and that he sleeps in a boat at night.  Then my comp asked him if he had a phone number that we could reach him at.  Then he replied, "I live in a boat, do you think I have a phone?" Very sarcastic, very funny.  He didn't actually live in a boat, he was just being funny.  Haha I love Fogo people.
With Cabo Verde being so into soccer, a lot of our lessons are interrupted because of games, but that's not to big of a problem.  The wards here are still a little wobbly because most of the really solid members from every ward received callings for the stake, so now we are training new people to do all the jobs.  The baptismal service was a little shaky again because the old ward mission leader has a calling with the stake right now. 
We had another solid week with church attendance. Not quite as good as last week, but solid.  Had a couple investigators, few less actives, and had a couple less actives receive callings.  We also taught the primary a song, it was super cute, and they will sing this week at the baptismal service.  This week I also took 3 different pairs of ear rings out of less active member ears.  I kept them, and put them in my journal.  Not sure if Im allowed to do that, but it happened so...  Also took cigarettes from a different less active.

 There is a lot of less actives here.  

We were without water for different parts of everyday this week, but we had more than enough to survive, and we had it almost every morning, soo we showered... I also read this book of EFY talks.  Super great.  Would have been a big help to read before the mish, but I kinda missed that train...  

Today has been a super good P day. We balled for a couple hours, went to the restaurant, and have a family night planned for tonight.  Brazil also happens to have a soccer game tonight, the same time as the family night, but thats a strange coincidence..  Everybody here would give us so much crap if America lost last night to Portugal, so a tie was good.  Plus we should still move on.
We should have a couple baptisms this week, super looking forward to that. Manuel Antonio, and Kayliza.   The work is going great, and I love it out here.  Thank all you guys for everything you do, and thanks for writing, its always fun to read about your lives! Amo Voces! 

Elder Jarvis, Sao Filipe Fogo       

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