Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fourth of July in Cape Verde

July 7, 2014

It was kind of a strange week from the Island of Fogo. So I was serving with a mini missionary from Fogo, just waiting until my greenie comp gets here.  And Tuesday my mini refused to go out teaching with he. He just stayed home, and said that he was home sick. So we talked to the stake president, and he went back home. I got a different mini missionary for the time being, named Elder Lopes.  He never stops talking. Ever.   Just noise comes out. Very energizer bunny like.  Hes not bad tho. My new companion Elder Poly gets here from the states on Thursday, so that should be sick.  Looking forward to that a lot

Also today we had interview with President Mathews. It is the first time that I have seen him since my praia days.  It was really nice to see him again, and I had an awesome interview. 
The work is going super sick, and Im very happy out here in fogo.  The forth of July is like my favorite holiday, so that was a little truncky day, but its all good.  We ate some pretty good Pizza. God Bless America.
As for the spiritual stuff Im suppose to write about:) I listened to an insanely good talk by John Bytheway titled "Turn off the TV and Get a Life" But its not just about TV, its about life in general. It was very motivating and just sweet! 

By far the highlight of the week was Elder Bazzarone getting a package full of granola bars.  Courtesy of Bazz's grandma. 

We had some great lessons this week, and working with a couple families.  The church is Sao Filipe is shut down because they are doing construction on it for 9 months.  SO we get to the church in Congresso. But Churchs here arent like churches in utah, where they're everywhere.  We have to walk a pretty good ways to get to church, but we actually had a very solid frequency, and it just shows the sacrifice the saints here are willing to make.
We are helping Zecarlos, Lela and Leele prepare for baptism this week, so if you've got a little spare time in your prayers feel free to include those guys! I love fogo and I love the people.  Thanks so much for everything mom and Dad, you guys are awesome.  

Love Elder Jarvis  

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