Friday, August 22, 2014

Cova Figuera (the other side of the island)

August 18, 2014

I'm not sure if i will get to email more today, or if it will be tomorrow.  We had transfers yesterday, and I am getting transfered to Cova Figeta! Its a really small area on Fogo. I will train again, a missionary name Elder Alyla, from nevada. His parents are from El Salvador, so Im hopin to pick up on a little spanish. 
I loved Sao Filipe more than anything, and the frat house was fun. But this will be a chance to get away from everything, and really get to study.  Its kinda in the middle of knowhere, really green, rainy, cold. Ill kinda be by myself, but my studies were not as solid as they should have been here, and Im looking forward to getting away from everything, and kidding getting to know My Savior. I feel like thats when you get to know him, and im looking forward to that.
Ive been playing the piano a little here in sao filipe, just like the top hand of things. I play at the baptismal services. And we live next to the church there, so I will get to practice the piano hopefully everyday, and get a little better. Ill play in church, so that will be fun! 

 I really am excited. Its a good chace to get away. Ive worked in three of the four biggest cities in the country, so itll be nice to get away. Its absolutely gorgeous out here. I have a sick view of the volcano, and its increcible. Rains all the time, and is super green. My shoes are destroyed, but I will buy some new ones at some point in time. My area is straight volcanic rock, so that might take a little hit on my shoes as well haha. Im really excited to be out here, should be good

This is just a little email, ill write a big one later. Know I love you guys, and hope everything is going well!
Much Love, Elder Jarvis

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