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July 28, 2014

Elder Pauli, Ja, Nate and ?

Another solid week from Verde

Elder Naylor
Probably the highlight of this week was Elder Naylor... He is working in Mosterios, about an hour out of Sao Filipe. He had to come to Sao Filipe to get toe surgery for an ingrown toenail. Super gross. Its actually the second time that he has had to have the surgery, but his area is literally walking on volcani rock every single day, kinda makes sense something like that would happen. But I had to stay in with him for two days this week, and we had to babysit him all week.  He is a super boss, I love that kid, but a lot of our week was taking care of him.   Elder Pauli worked our area for two days with members, and he did an awesome job. He's a boss.    

I dont usually write too much about baptisms, but Ja might be my favorite one ever.  Ja is 19, and we have been working with him for about three weeks now.  He had already been to mission prep before his baptism, and all he talked about was wanting to serve a mission.  
Money is kind of tight for everyone in this country, but he took all the money that he had, and bought two pairs of shoes for church.  Such a sacrafice, but he was so happy when he showed us his new shoes.  He asked me to do his baptism, and it was incredible.  We showed up, and the water wasnt working at the church. So all the members ran from this house across the street to bring buckets of water to fill up the fount.  That might be a bigger deal in other missions, but its kinda normal here.  But the baptism went well, and after he bore his testomony and said "Im so grateful for the missionarys that brought me this message. All I want to do is share it. In the name of Jesus Cristo, amen." SO sick! Ill try to hook on a pic.  

Thoughts of the Week
Similar thoughts to last week. Its funny, after everything I study, everything comes back to just trying to be more like Christ everyday.  And the mish really is two years, to try to become as much like Christ as I can. But Elder Cook says something sick, "The mission should not be a two year spiritual high, that ends after two years.  It should be a learning process, where we continue to learn, grow, and change everyday. And continue to do that the rest of our lives!" I loved that quote.  
There were a couple times this week where my patience was tested, and it made me realize even more how patient my parents are with me.  I really kinda sucked as a kid, and my parents put up with a lot of crap.  Hopefully I am learning some of the patience they showed me.  I also had some thoughts about baseball, and America, but I wont talk about those haha.  
I just want to write one more time to anyone thinking about a mission. Do it. I'd be lost without it.  

I love all you guys, and I love being a missionary.  

Love Elder Jarvis 

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