Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Elder Pauli the Tongan!

July 14, 2014

This week i received my Filho.  Elder Pauli from Sacramento California is now in Fogo.  He is such a boss, I love this guy! He is like 5'11, weighs 230, speaks tongan.  He is full Tongan, and lived there for a few years.  He is a boss.  Overall the week was sick.  His Portugese is a lot better than mine was coming out of the MTC.  And he eats Everything. 

Its nice, we listened to the same sort of music back home, he played football, and we have a lot of stuff in common to talk about.  He's so funny. On Sunday before church, he invited EVERYONE to go to church with us.  His line for the week was "Voce vai assister igreja comosco" "You will come to church with us?" And if everyone that said they will come next week actually comes, our frequency should be nearing 400, and the ward should be looking to split soon:) But he honestly is funny. We kind of wrestle in the house sometimes, and having him there kind of adds a different element, because he can kind of take down all three of us when he wants too...  

Our baptism goal for last week passed the interview on Friday, all ready for baptism saturday right? Well, she kind broke the law of chastity, the day before her baptism, and let her boyfriend move in with her. FRIDAY night, before her baptismSaturday.  I gave her one of the most spiritual faukas Ive ever given anyone.  It was a strange feeling becase when I left, I still felt the spirit, so I didnt feel bad about ripping her.  Cape Verde Problems... 
I also had an interesting experience this week. I taught a lesson with Elder Evans, (From vegas, MTC together) and it was sweet, super spiritual and everything. ANd I had never done this before, but I felt like I should. When we finished, I gave her the pamplet, and told he that after we left, I wanted her to write down everything that was going through her mind on that pamplet.  
So we came back sunday before church. And she wouldnt talk to us. So her sister who is a sweet member let us in, and I found the pamplet on the table. So I read the back, and it said this "Os palavras deles foi increvel. Sinto muito optimo. Para Falar a verdade... Os palavras me batarem." "Their words were incredible. I feel great. To say the truth, their words hit me." But the word batar in portugese is like hitting in english, but harder. And besides her portugese errors, it was a very powerful message. So I slid it under her door when she wouldn't talk to us.
I also listened to an insanely good talk by Brad Wilcox "His Grace is Sufficient" I had already listened to it, but it is the number one talk listened to by BYU students, so I figured it wouldnt hurt to listen to it again. Its super good.  He talks about people asking him "Have you been saved by grace?" And he says yes, absoluletly. Then he quickly asked "Have you been changed by Grace?" Such a powerful line, and I just love that thought. He talks about how grace is not something we recieve at the end of the race, at the finish line. But its something that we have with us throughout the whole race.  Super good talk, really made me think.   As Ferris Bueller says "If you have the means, I would highly reccommend it.

I had this kind of change the past couple of weeks. Where the amount of baptisms doesnt matter, but baptising leaders and families does.  Because honestly in this mission, if we want to just find 15 and 16 year olds to baptise, we can, and there are plenty of them, and a majority of them are less active. Its more about baptising families, and specifically leaders of the church. And right now we have two less actives that are 26 and 28 men, that will be leaders in the church Who are both breaking the law of chastity. 

. And right now,in Fogo expecially, we need leaders. So the main goal for this transfer is to get them baptised.  
Other than that, things are great here. The best four elder house in the history of missionaries is still sweet. Church was good, and my comp is hilarious.  Love Fogo, and love these people.  I hit my year mark in a couple weeks, super crazy.  I definantly dont want to ever go home, which was one of the goals for my mission.  Everything is good, and I miss and love all you guys! GO CUBS GO

Love Elder Jarvis

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