Saturday, August 24, 2013

MTC Week 2: P day is like Christmas!

(from a letter he mailed during the week)

This morning we did service, so I vacuumed some stairs.  Then I lifted with Elder Landgrun, and that was glorious.  Now, we’re playing PIG on the little tikes hoop connected to the door in our room.  We play a district game of pig every night, and that’s always fun.

It was tough, I was frustrated with the language, but yesterday it clicked and it was nice.  I don’t realize how much I know until I pray.  I can pray, bear my testimony, do the “mission purpose” and the first vision in Portuguese.  It’s coming along.

I love you guys, I’ll email Friday morning.

(from the Friday email)

 P day is like Christmas at the MTC.   Seriously, its like Christmas.  The night before, P Day Eve, everyone brings their beds into our room, so there is 9 beds, and we have a huge sleepover, and its soo much fun!

I said goodbye to Brock this week, and that kinda sucked because I saw him everyday, and it was so nice, but I'm sure hes doing great in Canada.  Hope everything is going good at the house, it's weird that I've only been gone 2 weeks, it feels like 2 months.  But then it also feels like 2 days, idk time goes by weird at the MTC.  

So we had another great week at the MTC.  Not sure if i  told you, but I was frustrated with the language, but then we had a stress management class, and I got it all worked out haha.  I'm still trying to be patient with myself, but its tough.  Its a weird language. 

On our floor, everyone is going to Brazil except a couple of us, and absolutely No One going to Brazil gets their visa, 95 % of them are getting reassigned, including Huxford and Starr, and all my boys haha.  They try to not put the people going to Portugal and Cape Verde in the same class with the people going to Brazil  because Brazilians are stupid, and they pronounce things differently.  We always joke with them about having the second best Portuguese in the world!

Most of the District

Deseret Hills, Cedar and Canyon View!

With a couple of Deseret Hills guys-

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