Friday, August 16, 2013

Letter #1 - MTC Comp? Elder Kaplin!

August 7, 2013

Dear Jarvis Fam,

Thanks for the nice drop off, it went well!  It was nice to see Ryan right off the bat.  Him and Ty are in the building next to me, so I saw both of them today!  I also saw Tyson Garfield, and Tanner and Bryce, but they’re not in my district.  My district is way cool thought, and there’s four girls and they’re all cute, ha, ha!

There’s six of us in our room, and all of us are going to Cabo Verde, but Elder Lundwick, he’s going to Canada!  I guess I’ll tell you a little about my companion.  His name is Elder Kaleb Caplin from Desert Hills High.  Ha!  I was so excited when I saw we were serving together!

Our first day went well, and we had Chicken Fried Steak for dinner.  I honestly love it up here, and it’s unreal how strong the spirit is up here.!  Our teachers haven’t spoken a word of English, but I’ll catch on, and it’ll work out.  I honestly loved the first day, and it’s only gonna get better.

Love all you guys!
Elder Jarvis (#4)

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