Friday, August 16, 2013

The Room and the District

August 10, 2013

Dear Family,

It’s day 4 and I still enjoy the MTC.  Right now it is 10 AM and I’m supposed to be in class, but Elder Caplin is sick, so I’m hangin in the room playing with the bouncy balls, or Bola Resalto.

I feel desculpa por Elder Caplin....

The language is going well, but it’s really not too similar to espanol.  There’s weird rules, like if S doesn't start a word, it makes a sh sound.  And unlike Spanish we say the j’s.  The r makes a h sound.  Just little rules like that.
We taught our first lesson in Portuguese yesterday and that went well.  And if Cappy starts feeling better we get to play basketball today, so that will be nice.  I see Tyson Garfield, Brock, Ty and Ryan everyday, so that’s always nice.  I’ll tell you a little about my room.
Elder Rivera is Mexican, 24, and our district leader.  He’s a cool guy.  His comp, Elder Lundgun, or as we call him, Elder Estrahno (Elder Odd in Portuguese).  He is the only person in the MTC speaking Portuguese that is going to Canada.  He is just 18, from Brighton High School.  He is ripped, and signed to run the 100 and 200 at Utah State.  He’s one of my favorite missionaries, we do push ups every night.
Elder Richards is 24, from Draper, and kind of a goofy kid with glasses.  Kind of the weird kid of the group.  Elder Crooks is 18, from Texas, and he’s cool.  Elder Hollinsworth isn’t in our room, but is in the district, and I really like him!  He’s 19, from Northern Utah and a funny but spiritual guy, one of my favorites.  Elder Lesere is from Hurricane, he is Tongan and so funny, and rarely on task, ha.  He is hilarious, though.  And Elder Quinsada is from New York, he is quiet but cool.
Sister Bos is from Texas, going to Portugal.  All four of the sisters are going to Portugal.  Sister Beard is from Alta, and she is the cutie of the district.  I try not to flirt with her, and I don’t, but she’s really pretty.  Sister Hirshi is from Kansas and she’s cool.  Sister Gutswiler is from up North, and ran at Utah State.  All the Elders not in my room are going to Angola, everyone else is going to Cabo Verde.  Love my district, and love the long MTC days.  Oh, and I see Elder Drawe everyday, and that’s nice.
Descupa por my bad writing, the lights are off.

Love you guys!
Elder Jarvis

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