Sunday, September 1, 2013

MTC Week 3- Visit from Elder Anderson

Another good week at the MTC, trying to learn Portuguese.    Elder Anderson of the Twelve came and spoke to us on Tuesday, he talked about love, and that was really good.  Then it was pouring rain outside the Marriott  Center, so we stayed in for 20 minutes and sang hymns, we sing all the time haha.  When they finally let us out it was still pouring rain, but there wasn't lightning, so all the missionaries in the MTC ran from the Marriott Center back to the MTC in the pouring rain, it was a blast!  We let all the sisters take our jackets, and we were freezing, but we had a great district testimony meeting after, and it was really cool.  We have a very spiritual district, and that's good.  We all talked about Anderson’s talk on love, and things we love, and all this stuff.  

The District on our Sunday temple walk-

I've seriously felt the spirit more the last 3 1/2 weeks than ever before in my life.  Which makes sense, I'm on a mission.  But its just a cool thing.  I really like when we teach our "investigators" too, because even though  I don't know the language very well, God has a way of letting the Holy Ghost into your heart, and giving you words to say.  And I always thought it was cheesy when people would say that, but it really is the truth.  Because I'm really not that great at Portuguese yet, but we can effectively teach a lesson, and we've only been here for a few weeks.  Elder Caplin gets the language a little better than I do, but we talk pretty 50/50 during our lessons.  Caplin was sick again yesterday, so we stayed in the room till about noon then went to class and such.  It sucks that he is never feeling good, but I guess the Lord is just testing him.  

I go talk to Trevor Sanders every night, and I see Ryan Hulet almost everyday.  He leave Monday, so we're bringing some of the Poly's from our building over to his and throwing a big bash Sunday night before he leaves!  On the second floor of our place are all the Poly's going to Samoa and Tonga and Fiji and such.  They hang out by the vending machines till like 3 in the morning.  And they are always playing the ukulele all night, and its crazy how talented they are.  And they are all huge, and are all going to play football at  D1 schools.   And they party every night, and wear their skirt things, and its great!

Elder Sefita, grew up in American Samoa, knows Gordan Reid and the whole Reid family

The left is the winner board for PIG, on the right, Elder Kaplin changed the quote of the day!

Today is P day, which means laundry, which is an absolute mess at the MTC.  Its definitely a dog eat dog world down there, every man for himself.  People are running for washing machines, and dryers, and its really quite funny.  After being here a couple weeks, I consider myself a vet, and so laundry isn't too bad.  But there are so many people here that it can definitely get ugly.  

My good friend Elder Braze Huxford got his reassignment to Jacksonville Florida, I thought Mom would like that.  Everyone on our floor is going to Brazil, and they are all getting reassigned so its crazy to see where people end up going.  As far as I know my visa is good, but I haven't heard anything yet so we'll  see.  Its crazy to think a 3 weeks I'll be flying to Africa,  haha!

I love all you guys, and miss Cedar City  and the Pizza Factory and such, but I really love it up here, and it's a lot of fun. And contrary to popular belief  (or maybe just my parents belief) we are working really hard up here, we have class like 14 hours a day! Days feel like weeks, weeks feel like day.

Love Elder Jarvis

Elder Bunting, played basketball for Snow Canyon

Elder Richards 

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