Friday, August 9, 2013

And we're off!!!

Having fun at the Provo Temple before the drop off.

Same IHOP, just 15 months later, for the pre-MTC meal

Ben was missing, but we hope he was eating some good tortillas thinking about us!

After a few more pictures, we made our way to the MTC.  We were 15 minutes early, so we drove around the block, and Cougar Stadium, then made our way back to the MTC.  Out timing was perfect, as our neighbor Elder Ryan Hulet and his companion Elder Neptune were just coming around the corner to meet us.  It felt like a real tender mercy to all of us.

And Nate was off, with his host carrying the purple suitcase and the green carry on.  Looking great, Nate!

And here's the senior missionary who told Elder Hulet and Elder Neptune (in the background)  to go back to their classroom.

We're anxiously awaiting word from the MTC........

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