Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vera's baptism

April 21, 2014

This week was super sick.  I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy speaking English in the house, and talking about America with my comp.  Haven't done that in a while, and it's pretty nice.  He's a super sweet Elder, been on the mission for over a year and a half, the oldest comp I've had.  We had a very solid week as well. A couple things about him.  He has a raging addiction to mustard and Juice.  His parents are from Argentina, and he's a super good missionary.   
Elder Martinez, Vera, Vera's kids, "some guy that likes to be in pictures"

We worked our area for the whole day Tuesday, marked some dates, and that was sweet.  We also talked with Vera, our baptism this week.  She has a very interesting story, because we weren't planning on baptizing her this week.  Her situation is that she talked with Elder Rice and Odderstrom a couple of months ago, and she was almost baptised, but her boyfriend came in from Portugal and they messed up.  And she applied for her visa to Portugal three times, and it got rejected all three.  So they finally decided to get married so she could get her citizenship.  So he came to Praia, and they got married.  Now she is waiting to get her vista a forth time, and she'll for sure get it this time because she is married to someone in Portugal.  And someone that I was with didn't want to baptize her because they thought that was wrong what she did.  I think if she got married, doesn't matter why, she's not breaking commandments, and she wants to be baptized.  So we had a super good lesson with her Thursday, and invited her to be baptized in 2 days.  She said that she was terrified of interviews, but she would pray about it.  We did a practice, and she was super solid.
Other things that happened this week, got some candy from the family, that between a couple elders, was gone in a matter of minutes.  I got to see Elder Drawe for like 5 minutes.  He is in my zone, and one of my good friends.  Hopefully I'll get to hang out with him more later this transfer.   I worked with Elder Bergquist in my area, we found a massive bull, and grabbed it by the horns. He kinda got mad toward the end, so we left....  I also made pizza with Elder Martinez, and that was super good. Also the Assomada ward that I was working in split.  We had 77 people in Sacrament, and the other ward had 100, so that's good.

Vera's daughter that "only liked Elder Jarvis"

This whole week I've been thinking about how Ben will be home soon, that's so crazy! Life is gonna be super different after the mish, but I'm stoked to Skype him.  

Another sweet thing we had was district meeting with Elder Smith.  Hes such a sweet district leader. He gave a traning that I had actually heard before while he was my zone leader. He talked about teaching people not lessons,and having them talk 51 percent of the time.  Its a super solid training.  Love it! 
Other than that not a whole lot going on out here.  Stoked for mothers day, and what not.  The zone is struggling a little, but we will do some divisions this week and hopefully get it on its feet.  We also have leadership council next week, which I'm excited for, that's always good.  Love all you guys, thanks for everything.  

At Leadership Council

Just Keep Swimming

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