Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference in Assomada, and lots of bus rides

April 7, 2014

This week was a super good week.  I actually didn't work in my own area any days this last week, which probably shouldn't come out of any missionary's mouth ever.  But Monday we took a Hiace down from Assomada to Praia for ZL council.  I think Ive explained the hiaces enough, but there were chickens, and people, and a pig in this one.  With 22 people taking the hour drive through the mountains to Praia I'm not sure how, but I managed to fall asleep.  So we got to Praia Monday, and the council was on Tuesday.  So we stayed the night in the Varzia house, with Elder Grogel, Earnest, Bazzarone, and Dos Santos.  

Dos Santos was my district leader when I got on the mission, and he is a boss. From Brazil, flawless with English, and just a super funny guy.  Bazzarone is one of my best friends.  The only one on the mission that levels with me about March Madness.  He is a boss, going to BYU when he gets back, and he just loves sports.  We really get along, and I hope we'll room together after the mission.
As far as the council, it was a super sweet one.  It was the second one I had been to, and the first as a Zone Leader.  It was a lot less stressful than the first one, but that makes sense.  There was a funny moment where Elder Gooch (My trainer, and ZL in Sal right now) was giving a training on the twelve weeks.  I gave him a little credit for being a good trainer, and everyone kinda laughed, good heartfelt moment, and he was feeling good about himself.  Then the rest was just super spiritual.  Then we went to lunch, and that was super good as well.  After lunch we played the scripture game where they call out any point, or article of faith, and you have to give your memorized scripture.  And if you don't have one you look awful in front of all the other zone leaders, and President. Its just bad.  But I got my scripture so that's all good. 

After that all the zone leaders stand up and present their goals and vision for their zones for the next month.  So I was up presenting with Elder Fernandes, and we were talking about the zone.  And at one point in time I was going to use the word Develop. And I had never used that word in Portugese until this moment in time, and i really didnt even know that word.  But I had to use that word in the situation, it was the only word that worked. So I did what every American missionary does, and I said the word in english, and added an 'ar' at the end of the word. For a lot of verbs that actually works in portugese, but not the word Develop.  So I said it, 'developar', and everyone was just kind of looking at me weird.  So I looked at president, and he said 'desenvolver' the word in portugese. And everyone kind of laughed because I'm still new and the youngest one there by a little ways.  So I keep talking, no big deal.  Then later I have to use that word again. So I try to say the word that president told me, but I pronounced it wrong.  So I leaned down, and he corrected me again.  And I responded by saying "Sorry my trainer never taught me that word" Then looked right at Elder Gooch.  It was pretty funny, and a couple guys said slap to the face, but it lighetened up the conference a little big.  Super fun day tho.  

The next day I got in hiace back to Assomada, and we got there and worked our area for a little part of the day, then I had to go back to the house because we got there late.  Then the next day I got in another hiace and went out to Tarafall to do a division with Elder Nelson.  It was a good division, just took a little while.  I was so sick of car rides by the end of it.
Then we had General conference, watched that in Portugese. It wasn't that I couldn't understand everything that was said, its just kind of a headache to watch it in Portuguese because I just have to pay attention to actually listen.


Before the conference we had a couple baptisms.  Ishmal, Jacklyn, and Swella were baptised.  They were all a family, 18, 16, 9 were their ages.  that was pretty sweet.  I  have been getting decent at playing the piano because we live next to the church and i have a little time to practice.  I can play, till we meet again  pretty well.  I don't have to play in sacrament because we have sister walker who plays who is super good. We also had a Zone meeting on Saturday, and that went well.  We have our big 3  Zone Zone conference tomorrow in Praia, so that means another hiace.  But its all good, I dont really care.  Last time we had one of these meeting I had to give a training, so this is definitely a step up.  

I would be lying if I said I was thinking about March Madness, but its all good. Im still loving the mish, and loving Assomada! Thanks for all you guys do,
ELder Jarvis

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