Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Week Ben gets Home

April 28, 2014

I know that whatever I say this week will take second to my big brother coming home this week, so Im going to keep it short, and just write the major big things that happened.  

-The Church Flooded Tuesday and Elder Martinez and I cancelled 4 appointments to clean it up.  The sisters wouldnt help because they said that they had "Lessons Marked"...  Little silly but Im over it.  
- Did a 3 Day division with Tarafall East Elders, being away from home makes you miss it that much more, Love Assomada!  
-Elder Martinez and I continued to grab the horns of every animal that has them.  Our transfer quote is that Jarvis and Martinez grabbed Assomada by the horns.  
-I got to see Elder Crooks at soccer today.  We had 5 in my MTC District, 3 went back, so its just me and Crooks.  Havent seen him since our first day in cape verde over 8 months ago.  Reunited and it felt so good.  Ill send pics of everything next week.  
-Im in Praia for the ZL council tomorrow.  Love seeing all these guys, even ran into a few of my Recent converts from my time here.  Get to see Gooch, Bazzarone,Accord,  and all my best friends that are ZLs on other Islands.  
- On the division in  Tarafall I picked up a baby pig, and ran around the house as the Big Mama pig was not too thrilled with me picking up her fidju! "fidju is creol for child" 
-The Assomada wards are doing well
-I love Elder Martinez
-Got to play basketball last week
- Quick story.  We were walking in the street and some kid came up to us, super hammered.  He pulled out a restoration pamplet and showed us the pic of the first vision.  They he point to JS and said, "See this! That is me. And theTwo guys (God and Jesus) theyre my grandparents.  Theyre kings in America! And Obama just called me, and said Im gonna be a king in America.  Ive got a meeting with Obama like right now, but I need money to get to Praia to catch my plane!" Probably the funniest story Ive heard on my mission, and Ive heard quite a few of them.  
- Found a couple new families this week, and they should get baptized probably next transfer, hope I stay!  

Well I love all you guys! I love Assomada and I love being a missionary.  If your in Cedar, go say hi to my big brother for me this week! I love him more than anyone in the world, and hes been my best friend, and the best example to me. 
If you have the chance to go see Elder Ben Jarvis, do it and give him some love for his favorite brother in Africa! 
Love Ya Ben! 
Elder Jarvis

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