Friday, April 4, 2014

"The Weekly"

April 4, 2014

The view outside our house this week

Sorry this week was a little weird.  On Monday I didn't have much time to email or write this weekly email because I went down to Praia for the Zone Leaders Conference.  Which was super good by the way, but I'll write about that next week.  This past week was a super good week though.  

Monday was a good day, and Tuesday we had a sweet family night.  There is a member in our ward in Assomada that is going on a mission to Brazil pretty soon, so this family night was kind of his last thing here.  Elder Fernandez and I made three huge cakes to bring to this thing, and they actually turned out pretty well.  They were all chocolate because Cape Verdians have this strange obsession with chocolate things.  So they were chocolate cakes, with chocolate frosting. We actually had to leave the family night for a lesson that we had marked (scheduled), but it was still super fun. 

On Wednesday I started a division with Elder Smith.  He came to Assomada and worked my area with me for a little.  It was a super fun division, and I loved spending time with him.  I've already said this a bunch of times, but he is seriously one of my favorite friends on the mission.  He goes home pretty soon, but he's not dying yet, he's still working pretty hard.  During the division we just talked a bunch, and I kind of just picked his brain.  I guess technically I am his Zone Leader, but he was my ZL for a long time, and I definitely learned a lot more from him that he did from me.  

Another funny thing that happened throughout the week was our sink in the kitchen broke.  So the house in general still had water, but the kitchen sink didn't work.  So we had to wash all our dishes, and everything in the shower the whole week.  I think I took a couple pictures, you can imagine.... 

Also throughout the week we prepared Jo and Carlos Jorge for baptism.  Jo is 28, super sweet.  He is probably the most talkative person I've met in my life, and its always a work out trying to teach him because he just talks so much about everything.  He was super sweet though, and that was a good baptism.  We also had Carlos Jorge, who is the "man" of Dulce, who we baptized a couple of weeks ago.  They don't live in the same house, but they have kids together, and it was super good for him to  get  baptized. He was one of my favorite baptisms, and just such a super sincere guy.

I was thinking about something my dad sent me about all of Paul's friends having smart phones, and it just made me laugh.  Literally the only smart phone I have seen my whole mission belonged to President and Sister Oliviera.  And that's it.  Everyone else has those brick phones from the 1990s that people had in the states.  Just funny how the world is still progressing and moving forward, and we're a little behind over here.

Sorry not a ton more to write about this week.  No flat tire, didn't get robbed, and I haven't gotten kicked out of my house yet.  Next week I will write about the council, and all those fun things.
I love you guys, thanks for everything, and keep writing!
Elder Jarvis, Assomada Cape Verde 

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