Sunday, April 27, 2014

Zone Conference and Transfers

April 14, 2014

Zone Conference in Praia
So we had transfers yesterday.  Kind of a lot of things changed, and I'll give a brief overview.  I'm staying here to serve with Elder Martinez. My comp Elder Fernandez will go to San Nichalo, the new island they just opened up, with Elder Bruce.  Elder Accord will be the new Maio guy with Elder Rice.  Elder Drawe is part of my zone now, super excited for that.  Our zone got 8 new missionaries, so that should help the work. 
This was a pretty exciting week to be in Assomada Cabo Verde.  Tuesday we had zone conference down in Praia,  and that was a trip.  Zone meeting started at 9, and Tarafall is like a two hour drive from there.  Its on the far north side of the island, and Praia is on the far south side.  So those guys woke up super early and the branch president took them in a hilux to Assomada.  A hilux is the back of a pick up truck, with like a little roof thingy.  And after they got to Assomada, they picked all the elders up from Ribera Manuel, and Elder Fernandez and I, and we went down to Praia.  So here we are, 14 elders in the back of this tiny pick up, just flying up and through the mountains of the Island of Santiago.  It was super fun, and just a good chance to talk with the bros.  

The Zone conference itself went well.  We did the scripture game, where they name a point in PMG, or an article of faith, and you have to recite it.  We did that with all the missionaries, and then after they called up all the Zone Leaders to go against each other.  I got all my scripts, and Elder Fernandez missed one of his.  President kinda gave him a little fauka (chewing out) because were suppose to be examples, and if we don't know them, we can't ask our zone to know them.  Elder Rice, and Christensen gave a training on revelation through the book of Mormon.  Super super good training.  

Towards the end of zone conference, President talked about the sacrament, and how we are not just eating bread, but we are eating life from Christ.  It was super good, and it made me open my eyes on how I teach the day of the lord, and why people need to go to church.  I wont talk too much about it, but we read from John 6, and it talks all about that.  Just a super good thought he shared.  He leaves pretty soon here, that will be super weird when that happens.
After the conference we ran to the A.P.'s house, I grabbed my 1 long sleeve white shirt that I have on the mission, because its freezing in Assomada!  Then I came back up here that night.  Wednesday we had a good working day.
Thursday we did a little division with the Quintal elders because one of us had to go down there anyway to do their baptismal interview.  So I got to hang out with Elder Bergquist for a little while, and that was super fun.  He was in the MTC with Elder Gooch, so we talked about him for a little while.  And we talked about college and life back home and what not.  He's super fun to be around, and I really learned a lot from him.  He will stay and still be a district leader down there, so that should be fun.  

Sunday the ward in Assomada split, and that was much needed and it was sweet!  We had more people at church than we have ever had before, and it was incredible to see all the people there. 
Maybe my favorite part of this mission is we just get to see the fruits of the Lords work everyday.  The church is so young, and so underdeveloped that it just happens so fast.  Its funny because the elders here that are from Cape Verde or Angola, or Mozambique will return home, and right away get called as branch presidents, or ward mission leaders, or things like that.  And us American will be lucky to get a calling in the nursery when we get back.  Just the difference in culture and church development is phenomenal.  Just crazy how the world is right now.  

Overall I'm super stoked to stay in this area, Assomada is such a blessed place! I love all you guys, and thanks for everything.  Also good Luck to Elder Jarvis who goes home in two weeks, that's too crazy! 

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