Sunday, May 25, 2014

A couple baptisms, 100 at church, and we found snow cones!

We found Snow Cones!
So this week was a pretty normal one in Assomada.  We went down to Zone Conference in Praia.  It was very strange because it was the last Zone Conference for President Oliviera because next month he will just do interviews with all the missionarys to end his run in Cabo Verde.  We also had the final testomonies from Elder Accord, Fogerberg, and Odderstrom. 

We had a couple baptisms this week.  Selene, the niece of our recent convert Vera was baptised.  Shes 19, and she was sweet.
We also had Ani, who was special for me.  I've literally taught her since I got here, and she had a super problem coming to church.  I've lost a lot of sleep trying to get her to church.  She always knew it was true, but she just wouldn't come to church for one reason or another.  Then one day we fasted for her, and she came to church and now she is doing great.  So that was really rewarding.  

We did have a funny experience with her 9 year old son, where if he would have gone to church they could have been baptised together.  And we were talking with him before church, and we even had a little primary home teacher come with us.  And the little primary kid told him that he had to chose one church, us or the Catholics.  And he said, I chose the Catholics.  It was super funny, but he came to church this week and will be baptized soon. 
Our ward in Assomada got the all time high frequency, almost getting 100 people at church, which is crazy good because our ward split, and thats just a sweet number to get. Grasas a Deus.  (That's what all the old cape verde ladies say, super funny)

Like I mentioned earlier, Elder Christensen goes home, which is just mind blowing for me.  He is in Fogo right now, but he is going to come up to Assomada and visit me before he leaves for America Thursday.  Super Crazy. 
Also, Praia was made one Zone again, making the Zones down to 5 again.  Just Assomada, Praia, Fogo, Mindelo, and Sal.  There was 7 Zones at one point in time, so things are changing, getting ready for the new mission president.
We also had a rescue family this week, and thats incredible.  They were inactive for like three years, and now we got them all going back to church and they all recieved callings.  Lada, the mom, Vera, Lady, the daughters, and Juakeen, the son that is now preparing to serve a mission.  That'll work.  

I love all you guys, and I love being a missionary.  Thanks for everything you guys do, and Ill see you next week. 
Elder Jarvis, Cabo Verde

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