Monday, June 16, 2014

The Weekly from Fogo

June 9, 2014

Well this week was a pretty sweet one from Sao Filipe Fogo! Not too much going on.  
Last Tuesday, we flew into Praia and had a conference, and that was incredible! I learned a ton, and it was just sweet! It was the last conference from President Oliviera, and I learned a ton from him. I will sure miss him. 
I also got to see Elder Fogerberg and Elder Odderstrom at the airport.  They were both incredible missionaries, and super good examples for me.  Definitely miss those guys!  
We had a good week of basketball, playing almost every morning.  I'm still kinda out of the loop about the whole NBA finals, so if anyone wants to update me on that that would be incredible! 

Today has been a good P-day, we went and got some ice cream, played some basketball, and went and looked at the ocean for a little while. It really is so pretty here!  I gave a training about teaching simply by the spirit, and used a couple of scripts from 2 nefi, 25.  I think like vs 4, 7, and 28 ish? It went well.  Talked about how the only three things that should come out a missionaries  mouth are questions, scripts, and short testimonies/examples.  If we do that, it will be simple, and they will understand.  

We had good lessons with our baptisms for this week, Kayliza and Lela, they're sweet! Both came to church, and shouldn't be any problems there! I'm also getting better at the creowl, which is a super plus.
Our frequency in church was also the best its ever been, getting 124 cabo verdians in the sao filipe 2 boundaries in attendance.  So that's good.  The stake is sweet, I believe President is coming out here next week to check on things, so that should be good.  As of right now we still don't have a bishop, or branch president, so we are kinda running a lot of things, but its awesome, the work is sweet! Not a whole lot more to write about.  Ill try to go to another place and send some pics soon. I love all you guys, and I love Fogo, its super nice! 
Sorry it was a little short, really not a ton going on, love all you guys, take it easy! 

Elder Jarvis, Sao Filipe  

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