Monday, June 16, 2014

I live on an island called Fire

June 16, 2014
Its so hot today! I'm dying in this place! I love it tho, Fogo people are incredible.  This week we had a rough time teaching at times, which is a rarity? here in Cabo Verde. Mostly just when there are big world cup games on, and no one has time to talk to us because they're watching the games.  The US plays tonight, so that exciting!  
Also Kayliza got baptised last week, she was sweet! 

I finally had my funny, filling up the font experience that I feel like every missionary has.  So we got there like three hours early to fill up the fonte, and ka ten chavi pra porta! We didn't have the key to get in the door.  So I jumped over the big glass window, and started filling it up.  But I couldn't fill it up all the way, because we didn't have a way to turn it off.  So I jumped down there, with my pants rolled up, and started filing up the font.  And once it got up to my knees, with me in my church clothes, I turned off the water, and jumped out, trying my best not to get water on myself.  It was kinda funny and Ill try to send some pics. 
Also the frequency went up in the ward, we had a couple less actives there, and a couple less actives receive callings, so that was very solid. 
When Brazil opened the world cup, it was just a joke for us to try and go teach.  We went to like 4 or five different houses of people that wouldn't let us in, so we finally found a less active who talked to us while watching the game.  Good enough for us, and I wasn't complaining about the game being on...  The world cup is so crazy.  I've learned a ton about soccer, and there is a player from cabo verde that is playing on Portugal, so everyone here wants Portugal.  I kinda want Brazil, I feel like it would be fun to see the home team do well.  

We had a pretty good week of work.  Yesterday we found a couple new investigators, and marked a couple dates.  It took a little while, but we should be baptizing every week from now on, it just took a little while to get started.  I really do just love Sao Filipe tho, its incredible.  The Lord has really blessed these people.
Another fun thing that happened this week was I made a new best friend.  While at a noite de familiar, I started talking to RIccardo.  If any of you have seen the land of light video on cabo verde, he is the one that is the Physical Therapist.  He was called to be a branch president when he was 18 in Mindelo.  Thats so crazy! What was I doing when I was 18, graduating high school?  He is incredible, and we just talked for almost an hour.  In my mind, he is one of the most incredible men in the world.  Just the stuff he has done to help the church grow here.  His first transfer on the mish here, he was serving in Brava, and he was the branch president there too.  He has a sick family, married in the temple, and is in charge of the EFY here in Cabo Verde.  Hes just a boss.  
Also at the baptismal service, none of the members showed up, so we kinda had to run everything.  Which isn't that uncommon, but is just a little annoying.  Giving talks without preparing anything, and doing all that stuff. BUt its all good, they're still getting it.  Right now the big focus is trying to get  Cabo Verde to be a temple ready people, so were working a lot with that.  
Well I love all you guys, thanks for everything you do, take is easy!
Elder Jarvis, Cabo Verde

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