Monday, June 16, 2014

First week in Fogo

June 2, 2014

So this is the first email from Sao Filipe Fogo! Im in love with this Island.  Period.  The people are just so incredible, and so down to earth and nice.  When people talk about cabo verde being beautiful, clean, and incredible, they're talking about Fogo.  Not that I didn't love the island of Santiago, because I did.  But it just felt like a big city.  LIke people are always going places, and taxis are everywhere, and its just loud.  And here everyone is just chill as can be.  Everyone hangs outside, and no one has any care in the world. 

As far as the work goes, this place was just made a stake last week, and there is a lot of work to be done here.  There are So many less actives, and just members that think of church as optional.  My area was struggling when I got here, and were getting it off its feet a little. We should baptise next week, and baptise every week after that, it was just struggling a little when I got here. Only had a couple of investigaors, a lot of kids...  But we are baptizing 45 year old named Lela next week, and shes awesome! 
My new comp is named Elder Gunther, and he's a boss.  Its so much fun living with Elder Gooch and Bazzarone.  We work, but we have a lot of fun together. Definently the best four elder house in the history of the mission.  
A couple funny things that happend this week. (My dad asked for these..) I was with Elder Bazzarone and we were teaching this blind guy, who is awesome by the way.  And were were just talking, and then all of a sudden he just let loose in song. Like a cathloic Jesus song.  Then he was like, "Kuze, bo ka ach k ame canta durrett?" (What, you dont think that I can sing swave, like cool

(There isn't really a good english word to describe durrett, its creowl for like cool, but more than cool))) It was so funny! Then later we were ending the lesson. And it was him and this less active that was there.  And the blind guy that sang did the first prayer,  so bazz asked the other guy if he could close. But the blind guy wanted to close.  But we cant let the same guy say the opening and closing prayer, so the less active said a beautiful closing prayer.  And right when he finished the prayer, like right after he finished, the blind guy just started talking really loud, and Ill translate it.  So it was like, "we say these things, in the name of jesus christ, amen." then right after, before anyone else could talk, the blind guy was like, "Hold on a sec God, Ive got a couple of words of my own" So it was kind of like a relay prayer.  Like how you hit the cut off guy in baseball when throwin from center to home.  The first guy finished the prayer, then the second guy picked up, told god to wait, then said his own prayer! It was the funniest thing of my mission, and bazz and I couldnt stop laughing the entire time!
I also had a funny experience I just thought of from my time in Assomada. So we had worked with this less active Tony, about 55 ish, always drunk.  And one day he came to church, drunk as could be, but he did come.  And after church we went to his house and talked to him, and he was still a little drunk.  But we were like, "Toni, its awsome that you came to church today!" and he said thanks.  Then we were like, "It would have been a little better if you had came sober tho..." And he just says looking up, and raising a finger like a professor teaching a class, "But I came." and we responded,"It would have been better without alchol" He then responded the same way, pointing and sayin "But I came:)"It was soo funny! Then he proceeded to give us a reference of a school teacher who was married (Which is like finding gold, because no one is married here) and he had already been to church a couple of times.  Like the best reference ever.  Then Toni, Still drunk, offered to go teach him with us right then and there.  But we polietly declined, and visted them later with another member.  That family is getting baptised next week, and Im a little sad Im missing that, but its life...  
I also miss the monkeys of Assomada, and the people.  But Fogo is beyond incredible, and I never want to leave this place.  Fogo is definantly the new Praia now.  

When I first got on the mish, Praia was bumping, all the funniest missionarys were there.  Gooch, Bazz, Evans, Bruce, Christensen, Accord, Darling, Grogel, Smith.  Not its Fogo with Gooch, Bazz, Evans, and a bunch of new awesome young missionaries.  I love Fogo.  People really just don't care about anything, the most laid back, sit on the porch, talk to everyone, just nice, good, friendly, down to earth people.  

Another thing is that I literally went from the coldest area in the mission, to the hottest.  Its like 110 degrees, every single day.  We do have ice cream, and a lot of american food.  There are a ton of people from the states that got deported for breaking the law in Boston, that move to Fogo. We bought pancake mix, syrup, oatmeal.  Just american things Ive missed the last  months.  The Creol, here is a little different, and I can understand most of it, just a couple words and the accent are way different.  

For the spiritual side of things.  We had a really good lesson with Lela and we talked about how some people build their lives around the things of the world. And some build their lives around christ. And the ones that always build their lives around the things of christ, always have room for other things. But if we do it witht he things of the world, we rarely find time for God. It was a super good lesson.  
We also have just a beautiful view of the ocean from here. Its up on a hill, and it leads right down to the ocean, super pretty. It just has such a different feel than Santiago.  
Its good to hear that Ben is going on dates and what not. A little strange, but good.  Crazy the finals are coming up.  Im a little dissappointed no one gave me an update on whats going on int he world of sports, but hopefully you guys can tell me next week.
I love all you guys, thanks for all you do, have a sweet week!
Love elder Jarvis, Sao Filipe Fogo

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