Monday, February 17, 2014

The Weekly from Cabo Verde

This week was pretty sweet in Achada Traz. A lot of stuff happened.  This was our first week being a ward, and we also opened our new chapel.  So a pretty big week for the people of Achada Grande!  Its a ton closer, and our church moved to nine in the morning, and that helped us a ton getting people to church.  And the church is super nice inside!  It was a little stressful because no one has callings right now because we are switching from a branch to a ward, so we had to do a ton to help them get ready.  But the people were so excited for the new chapel, and it really was such a fun experience.  I wont lie, it was a super stressful Sunday, and I didn't really have the chance to enjoy it as much as I would have liked, but our job is to work so everyone else has the chance to enjoy it.  I was honestly more tired this week than I feel like I have been in my whole life. But I'm sure that never goes away.  Our district had 8 baptisms, and I did six of the interviews, and I had to call President about some of the interviews, and it was just a little stressful.  But like I said, I doubt that ever goes away, and I'll learn to get used to it.  

Elder Amado and I definitely don't see eye to eye on everything, or anything for that matter, but we're making it work, and he will be ready to train by the time we are done.  We had a couple of baptisms, and that always solves a lot of problems.  We baptized a 17 year old kid named Patrick, and he is a stud.  It was actually pretty interesting how we ended up finding him.  His brother Nunu was a reference from like three people, so we contacted him, and had a lesson with him.  Turns out he is kind of a fubecka.. But during the lesson, his brother came in and said that he wanted to talk to us.  So we started talking with Patrick, and it was pretty awesome.  He was prepared, came to stake conference with us, and church one time, and he was baptized last Saturday. He just had a super desire to serve god, and he read the Book of Mormon, and that's all it takes.
The other is named Delcy.  It's a very interesting story with her.  So she lived with her mom, and her one brother and sister.  Then her mom started liking this guy named King, and he moved in with them.  King is an interesting story.... He lived in Achada Grande, and was a recent convert to Elder Montes, and Godfrey.  So he was baptized, and then he broke the word of wisdom before he was confirmed.  So that was a big long thing, but he finally got confirmed.  But now he is living with this other lady, and they are not married.  And he is kind of breaking the law of chastity, and the palavra de sab (Word of Wisdom).  So we go over there to talk to those two about marriage.  Then realize that Delcy has already been to church one time.  So she came one more time, and we kept teaching her, and she was baptized last Saturday.  She is pretty quiet, but she had a pretty big desire to follow god, and that's always a good start!  So we baptised those two, and it was pretty sweet. 
Also this week, Elder Pau'u, from Tonga, missed basketball, so he bought a ball! There is a "court" down in Lem Ferra, and we got to ball a couple times this week.  It was super nice to hold a ball, and it was the first time in a couple months Ive gotten to do that.  It sounds strange, but I really don't love playing basketball out here.   It just makes me think of the gym at CV and makes me miss home.
This week I also did a division with Achada Grande.  Elder Conduane and Elder Amado worked together in Achada Grande, and I worked my area with Elder Dorff. We  had a pretty solid day, and did a couple of practice interviews.  The point of the division was just to give Elder Conduane a chance to lead his area, give my comp a chance to speak portugese a little more freely.  And I'm supposed to do divisions with everyone in the district.
We have also been doing lunch with Elder Accord and Elder Gooch quite a bit.  Those guys are awesome zone leaders, and it is nice to talk to those guys on the phone almost every night.  Elder Accord goes home soon, and he will be passing my Cedar at some point in time, so be looking out for him Jarvis Family!  He told me he is going to stop by and say hi to Ben just to make me mad.  Elder Christensen actually told me the same thing, so be on the look out for those two clowns.  I look up to those guys a ton, and the mission is really going to change between them going home, and President Oliviera going home, and it will be a little weird..  I'm looking forward to it though.  Transfers are in a couple weeks, so that will be intersting to see what happens.  Elder Bruce has been A.P for 5 transfers, and it will be interesting to see how much longer he stays.    Honestly we have the best missionaries in the world here, and I'm super blessed to get the chance to work with them.  I love all of you guys, and am so grateful for everyone of you.
Much love
Elder Jarvis

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