Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Week in Paradise

So this week was another baller week in Cape Verde.  Just trying to stay alive.  Honestly Africa is kicking my butt right now, and I’m more tired than I’ve been in my entire life, but I love it.  I think I’m getting a little better at the language, and that’s one great thing Elder Amado is helping me out with.  He is a boss.  He already has a ton of his scriptures memorized, and he just does work.  Its definitely weird not having an american comp, but we learn and we grow.  So I’m gonna complain for a little, and if you don't wanna read the next paragraph don't, haha.
This week I felt like Bob the Builder, or Joe the Plumber. I’m not sure which reference is more appropriate.  Living with a couple natives is just a little different.  Neither of them have really had these nice of showers, or sinks or anything.  So when I went to get into the shower this week, it was completely filled up with dirty water that they had used when they showered, like it just wasn't draining.  So I asked those guys what happened, and of course they said “no faz mal”,  which means “I didn't do anything wrong”.  So I call up a neighbor, and get a screw driver.  And I spend an hour cleaning out hair, and plan of salvation pamphlet pictures, out of the dirty shower drain.  Not sure how or why those pamphlets were there, but they were haha.   So yeah, that was kinda super gross, but it had to be done.  Then after that, literally two days later I went to wash some dishes, and the water didn't wash down the dish sink.  So I got under there, with the screw driver, and literally took the whole sink apart.  Dad, I think you would be impressed.  So I took everything apart, and cleaned everything.  It was gross,  but I couldn't really find the problem.  Then I got to the last pipe, and I took it out, and just like a pound of dirty spaghetti and other gross rotten food fell out.  It was the grossest thing I've seen in my life.  And I gave Elder Conduane and my comp a little fauka (chewing out) because they eat the spaghetti every single night, and just throw the rest down the drain.  And obviously that doesn't work here.  But yeah, that little project took about 2 and a half hours, but it was worth it I guess.  I don't mean to complain, I was laughing about it the whole time, and I tell Elder Dorff all the time.  I say this is literally the only time in our lives we will live, and sleep, with native Africans.  And I really do love both of them to death.  They are good missionaries, and they work their butts off.  They just grew up with different things, currently living in the nicest houses they have ever lived in.
The other kicker this week was when I was sitting at home studying on Wednesday.  I get a call from Elder Bruce, one of my favorite missionaries, one of the AP’s since the day I got here.  I get a call from him and he says that I have to give a training on Tuesday, tomorrow, in zone conference.  And the zone conference is with our Praia zone, the other Praia zone, and the Acamada zone, three zones over 75 missionaries.  Almost half the mission.  And it has to be 45 minutes long, on the Book of Mormon.  oh, and President will be there...  So I have to prepare that tonight, and it’s been kinda stressful trying to get ready for that, I won't lie,  I hadn't even finished  the Book of Mormon a year ago, and now I have to give that training, in Portuguese, in front of all those people.  I probably haven’t been more nervous for something like this since the high school basketball days. I’m super looking forward to it tho, I'll learn a bunch.
Also this week elder Dorff, and Gooch and Accord made hash browns, eggs and pancakes with us, it was phenomenal.  Super good.  I love the mission life so much, but it’s honestly kind of kicking my butt right now.  But I’m super glad that I get this chance because its just gonna make me better, and I’ll look back on this for the rest of my life.  

Also, this week Elder Christensen came in.  He is the one that got drafted by the Royals.   I talked to Norberto, a recent convert, and he hooked me up with a baseball glove for today.  So we played catch this morning. It was so nice to hold that baseball and throw.  It was probably a little scarier catching for Elder Christensen with him throwing gas, and me having a crappy Cape Verdian glove, haha. But I love him and it was super fun.  

Dad, I also gave a bunch of the ties that you sent me on Christmas to investigators.  I gave one to Norbert, and one to Louis, and told him to wear it on his mission.  I’m stoked for that. I gave one to Zito, the first baptism, and to Derre, who is just a boss.  We taught some good lessons this week, it’s weird getting used to teaching with other people.  I really kinda gave Elder Amado the reigns because that's the only way he will learn how to teach.  It was interesting, but he got a lot better.  We’ll have a bunch of baptisms here in a couple weeks, and that’s always good.  Its a little overwhelming at times, but I love it, and I know I’ll grow.  

I hope everything is going well with everyone at home.  Keep sending mail, and emails, I love getting it!  Love all of you guys, thanks for everything!  
Much love,  

Elder Nathan Jarvis

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