Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 5 in Cape Verde

Definitely another crazy week in Africa.  To start off, I will tell you more about M and S.  They are 25, and 26 and brothers.  They are the most  freaking awesome people on the planet!  And we taught them everyday this week, and I really have such a deep love for both of those guys.  And Friday night came around, and they passed the baptism interview, and everything was set up for Saturday!  And I was so excited for their baptisms Saturday.  Like everyday in the week, I just looked forward to their baptisms.  They are a family, and they both have little kids, and they are two of my absolute favorite people on the mission!  So we work with them all week, and were just looking forward to Saturday afternoon, all week. Then it finally got there, and we were so excited for their baptism.  And we walked the mile and a half to our area to get them for the baptism.  And we got there and ran into a member in the ward, the guy that was suppose to do the baptism, Benchmal.  And he was just like, " Nao sei suas baptismos vi acconteacu oji..."  "I don't think your baptism will happen today"  and we were like "Por Que!?" Why.  and he was like, "elas enviam para prisiao".  They went to prison today.  So we were super confused, and it was just so weird.  So we went to their house to get them to go to their baptism, and they weren't there.  Then we started talking to his cousin we know, Kevin, and he was like, yeah the cops just took them to prison.  And we were freaking confused, and sad.  

Turns out our baptisms kinda mugged or as they say "Cash or Bodied" someone a little while back.  So like 4 years back, this guy was carrying a ton of money from the Sukapeta to a warehouse where they ship things.  And M and S jumped him, and stole what in american money is close to 400 thousand dollars.  Which is unreal for people in this area.  And they tracked them down after 4 years, and took them away, the freaking day of their baptism!  Elder Gooch and I were like "Really Satan, you couldn't just wait 2 days to take them away!?”   Anyway they took them to prison literally 30 minutes before their baptism.  And I guess they can’t appeal it at all, because they are guilty, and they did it.  So that was probably one of the most heartbreaking things to ever happen to me, it was so tough,.  Because they turned their lives around 100%, and were so ready for baptism!  It was tough.
Then on the way back to our house Saturday night, same day, we were robbed again haha.  We were walking, same spot we were robbed last time, and just got robbed.  Its crazy because we always have a member walking with us, but we didn't then because we were just expecting a baptism later that day, but they were thrown in Prison... Kinda sucks.  But we just can’t go out there without a member, and its just kinda weird.  But we’re perfectly fine, no one is going to hurt us, ever.  But yeah, my favorite converts were thrown in Prison and I was robbed within a 6 hour time period haha, so that was my day!  But it really is all good, that  just kinda stunk.  But Sunday was great, and we’re baptizing a family this week and everything's good!
Earlier Saturday we were to Kubi’s baptism, he was baptized in the ocean and that was soo cool!  Going to the beach, and seeing a baptism in the ocean on a Saturday morning was possibly the most beautiful thing ever, it was incredible. 

Other than that we had a pretty normal week.  We moved back into the house we were originally kicked our of. The house is a little nicer, but moving was kind of a pain.  We did that Wednesday, had Zone Conference Tuesday and that was good.  Pretty much just had normal missionary days other than that.  Well  normal missionary days for here I guess.

This place is so cool tho.  The members, and people are so awesome.  And transfers and this week, I've never had those so I’m excited for that.  But Cape Verde is a chosen place, these people are ready to hear the gospel, and the church is true.  Its definitely been some of the toughest 6 weeks of my life, between robs, being kicked out of the house, the food, weather, language adjustments, and our investigators going to prison.. But God has shown me so many blessings the last six weeks, and its amazing.  We literally have blessings everywhere we look, and its crazy how he is behind everything.  The church is true.  I love all you guys, and I love hearing from you!  
Much Love,

Elder Jarvis

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