Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Transfers? Staying in Achada Traz!

This week was pretty sweet!  We baptized our first family, Nobert and NIce!  They are sweet and golden pescadors! They both quit smoking and drinking coffee, and were baptized within a three week period of us teaching them.  He also got the priesthood on Sunday, and they are talking about getting married in the temple.  Familias! And he is a freaking cop, where was he when we were robbed?  hahah!?
Norbert and Nice
We also had transfers yesterday, that was kinda cool!  I'm staying right here with Elder Gooch, and he's gonna finish up my training!  That's sweet too because we're like best friends, and I really wanted to stay with him.  And we get to continue to work in Achada Traz, which is sweet!! And the reason we live in Achada Grande is that's just where we could find a "Decent" missionary house.  The house itself really isn't that bad, but we just rarely have water or electricity, but we make do!  Lately we just pay a water truck to fill it up, and the church pays us back for that.  The power went out at different parts of every day last week, but that's just Cape Verde, there's not a ton anyone can do about that.  We kinda had running water this week which is a Blessing!

Another fun part of the week was doing  a division with Elder Dos Antos, he is from Brazil and doesn't really speak English.  It was fun, I spent a day and I half with him.  Obviously just spoke Portuguese, which defiantly stretched my Portuguese, but it was so much fun.  He works hard and its fun to be around him.  The coolest part was when he was reading the English Ensign during Language study, and he was reading about the new temples.  And he was like, " Elder Jarvis, Como se diz Cedar City?"  and I was like what, and I looked and it was talking about Cedar City  getting a temple, and it was soo hilarious that he asked me how to pronounce it!

Also we just lived off bread this last week because we are so broke because of all the  taxis!  Our area is a ways away from the church, and all our pescesadors are fubeckas, and don't want to walk.  So we have to buy taxis to get people to church, and to baptisms.  But its  worth it because its the Lord's work and its sweet!
The language is coming along.  Easily, EASILY the toughest part is that I'm, not surrounded by it.  Obviously Elder Gooch and I speak it all the time, like during planning, and study, and the whole time we teach.  But everyone on the street, and just everyone in our lessons, and everyone in general speaks Creole.  Which is just a dumb language.  We're not suppose to learn it, but essentially we have to to communicate with people.  Like they are similar, but they are definitely not the same.  And we taught a lesson the other day, and the people spoke Portuguese, and it was glorious because I understood a lot of it.  But it will come, its not a switch, and it's a process. 

But today was P Day, and it was seriously possibly the best day of the mission!  We finally got to play soccer for the first time!  It was banned before because it got too competitive, but its all good now!  That was pretty fun!  Then we went and hung out at the Sukipeta, and just looked and chilled there!  Mom, Dad, ask Elder Dunnell about the Sukepita, and Sugundas.  I'm 100% positive he has been there and he will tell you all about it.  Its a mad house, and its freaking sweet!  Then we went and got Ice Cream, yes ice cream.  That was so incredible!  Then we bought some bread to last us until we get paid on Thursday.  Its Elder Gooch's birthday on Halloween so I'm making him a cake this week and it'll be sweet!  He is the new District leader, which is pretty cool.  We have some sweet new missionaries  in our zone too, its gonna be sweet!
Its just so much fun to serve with him, and its awesome to be a missionary right now!!  I love all you guys, and I hope good old America is well!  Never take anything for granted, because you don't know what these people live like.  I've taught so many lessons in shacks made out of literal garbage, and its just a different world.  I love all you guys tho, and I love hearing from you!  
Much Love
Elder Jarvis  . 

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