Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kicked out of the house - 2nd week in Praia

Definitely a solid week in Africa.  Im not really sure what all to write, because so much has happened, but Ill try to sum it up.  

We were kicked out of our house last Monday after I emailed.  So that kind of added to my rough and strange first week. So we opened up this new area, and we opened up a new apartment.  The water never worked there, and we were there for about four days.  Then Monday after we found out we were going to continue to work in Achada Traz, the place we were robbed, we went back to the apartment to plan for the next day and such. Then we heard a loud bang on the door, and it was the owner of our apartment place.  He just came right in and started yelling stuff in Portuguese-Creole at us.  I understood nothing... But apparently he was saying the church had not paid the rent, and that we had to leave right then.  To make an extremely long story short, we ended up getting all our stuff and moving into the other elders bug infested apartment.  We've been battling with this all week, but i think were staying at the other elders place.  

Throughout the week I made a list of little things here that I thought you might find interesting.  

1.  There are goats, chickens, rams, dogs, and cats running free all over the place.  And that includes on top of houses.  
2. I've seen more naked little kids here that I ever had in my life.  I have yet to teach a lesson without a little naked black kid present, its a must.  
3.  People breastfeed in public, and everywhere else for that matter.. but that happens in every mission, thats not too big of a deal. Im used to it.  
4. Taxis drive crazy.  there is 2 street lights, like red light green light things in cape verde. And they are both out of order.  Mom and dad, remember Costa Rica_ imagine that but faster, and with less room on the streets, its crazy.
5. Taxis always stop and ask if we need rides.  They think because we are white we can't walk anywhere, its kinda funny.  
6. Ladies wrap towels on their heads, then carry insanely large objects on their heads, its crazy, i'll try to send pics.  
7. Yesterday, on my birthday, I ate chachupa for the first time.  I bit on a rather large fish bone.  that was kinda gross.  I felt insanely sick all night, but i'm better today.
8. Our piano never works at church, so we always go without it, and people sing really loud.  
9.  the funniest thing is that people wear shirts with american sayings on them all the time.  and It didn't even occur to me until yesterday, but Elder Gooch and i were talking, and absolutely none of them know what their shirts say because no one knows English.  

This week was seriously awesome tho.  We committed 5 people to baptism, and they are all sweet, we have the most stylin investigators.  My favorite in Zito, a 19 year old stud, 6.2 with a huge afro.  The first time we taught him we committed him to baptism, then he was early to church, and he asked where he could get a book of mormon, what a champ!  When I walk down the street every day i still feel like people are going to kill me, it is the ghetto of africa... But something important to remember is something President Olivera told me is to remember that we as missionaries are the most protected people on the planet.  Nothing is going to happen to us.  ever.

Believe it or not, everyone gains weight out here because all we eat is cookies and drink soda.  I have a wager with elder gooch that i won't buy a soda for the rest of the transfer, so well see how that goes.  I try to work out every morning but its kinda tough.  my weight seriously varies, and i've still probably lost 7 or 9 lbs since i left for the mission.  

Church yesterday was good.  Our branch President is freakin sick!! we also have a baptism set up for Saturday, and 4 for next Saturday, so hopefully those all work out!  We had running water for the majority of this week which is such a huge blessing.  I've gotta be careful about what I eat, a lot of people kinda get sick..  The language is definitely kinda coming along.  Ill get it eventually, its just tough because so many people speak creole that i hear that more than I hear Portuguese.  Its whatever, i'll learn it.  But I really do love the mission and love the people.  

I can walk down the street and see a beautiful view of the ocean, how many missions get that! And I will definitely come home with some incredibly crazy stories! I'm not completely used to the culture, the food, sleeping on the floor, or the "showers" we take, but Ill get used to it.  I love it out here tho! The days are long, and its definitely not easy.  But our mission motto is We Do Hard Things.  And President Olivera says if you want easy go join the Marines haha.
Ill try to send some pics and hopefully my dad will put them on facebook or something.  Love all you guys, take it easy and enjoy the hot showers.

Much Love,
Elder Jarvis

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  1. Change the name to Honduras, switch the naked black kids to hispanic kids and you've got my mission pegged. What an experience he's having. He'll have stories to tell for the rest of his life. Thanks for including me on this blog.

    Mike K