Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First email from Cape Verde - He made it!

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Fire at Logan Airport fuel pumps strands planes
AP/ September 17, 2013
BOSTON (AP) — A fire at Boston Logan International Airport’s fuel pumps sent thick, black smoke into the air on Tuesday, forced some international flights to make stops elsewhere to refuel and stranded a handful of planes on the ground.

We talked with Nate from the airport in Boston on Tuesday.  His flight was delayed a few hours.  Then today (Wednesday) we got this quick email from him, which made us happy-

Hey they're giving us like five minutes to email and just let you know everything is going well.  

I got here safe, although we were the only white people on the plane, and it was extremely hot and everyone was smushed together, and it was kind of really gross.  And it ended up being a really long flight, but it all worked out.  I love it here, its so beautiful, you have no idea.  It’s so colorful, and the ocean is gorgeous, and everything is good.  On the long plane ride I had a killer headache and that was nao bon, mas I got some advil when we landed and it all worked out.  

It’s unreal how humid it is.  I stepped out of the plane and was immediately drenched in sweet, its crazy. And it rained, and everything is so green and beautiful and amazing.  I find out who my comp is in a little, and find out which island I serve on.  I can't wait to hear from you, I love all of you!  My P-day is Monday so I'll email more then, but its incredible out here.  Love you  guys.

~love elder jarvis

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