Monday, October 27, 2014

Conference, Guavas and Drugs

October 13, 2014


We watched conference this week and it was incredible.  We watched it in Portugese, but I had a member download it MP3 for me in english so I got a chance to hear it all in English throughout the week.  Conference is soo sweet! Elder Ayala and I were talking about how funny it is when the announce the next speakers, and when its someone of the twelve we just get stoked. I imagine it being like a little kid at a Cavs game and they annouce Lebrons name, it was funny.  Had a lot of great talks.  Some of my favorites were Which Way Do We Face, in the Saturday morning.  Of course Elder Bednar.  Holland did very well.  The portugese talk was one of my favorites, and its so beautiful to hear someone speak portugese well.  Conference is just the best.  And the dog was present once again.  


Last monday we went up to this Guava farm place way up in the mountains and it was sweet! It took a little over an hour hike to get there, and there were just guava trees everywhere! And we picked a ton and made guava jam and what not, super good.  We still have a million of them in our house, and it was super sweet. 


Just kind of a side note this week.  We live on the second story and someone lives in our basement.  And there is a garden in the backyard, and the person & doner got busted for growing marajuana in our backyard haha.  In between sessions on Saturday we were just eating lunch and we heard some yelling, all in kreola, from the backyard.  And there were two policia arguing with our doner.  And he was saying that the drugs werent his, and the cop asked sarcastically ^Is it the Elders?^ It was in kreola, so my comp didnt understand, but it was hilarious haha.  

Spiritual Stuff

Pretty sure this is the part of my letters that no one reads, but I need to write it to assure my mother that I am learning something over these two years.  The big thought I had this week was just consistancy.  There was the talk where he talks about not jumping ship, and Elder Holland has a talk about that as well.  I think consistancy is such a key in anything that we do, but it was something that I thought a lot about this week.  Consistantly being obedient throughout your mission.  Consistantly reading your scripts everyday.  Praying.  Going to church.  Consistantly doing the little things will ensure that we never fall too far from the tree.
There is a talk where a guy talks about thinking of his body having two fighting wolves inside.  Which one will win
?  The one we feed.  And he talks about that with us and satan, and whoever we feed will win.  And we need to make sure we are constantly feeding our spiritual wolf haha.  Have a great week, love all you guys! 

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