Monday, March 10, 2014

Transfer to Assomada

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I’m going to be a zone leader in Assomada with Elder Fernandez, and I leave pretty soon.   My zone covers the North two thirds of the island.   My comp is from Mozambique.  Super humble, super awesome.  I’ve met him a couple times.  We’ll take a hyass, a huge oversized van.  

Leadership training last week was incredible! Most spiritual thing I have ever been to in my life.  All the Zone leaders in the mission, me, the Sister leaders, the A.Ps and President.  That’s it, super sweet!  It’s sad leaving Achada Tras, that place was my casa for the last 7 months.  I got pictures with everyone though, but it was my time to leave that place.   I set that next missionaries up good though, they should have 8 baptisms next transfer.

Filipia, who would always make bread for us.

Nitto, that would always walk with us!

The Maio Elders

But I’m with the Maio Elders right now, do you guys want a pic?
Ask dad about Maio.   These two opened the island of Maio to the church my second transfer.  Like they are the first elders ever to be on that island. Completely started it. and the one in with the dark hair will be a pro baseball player.  I’ll leave for Assomada tonight in a little.  And the Zone Leaders house should have hot water!!!

Elder Fernandez is here to pic me up.  I’m getting on a hyass and go to Assomada right now, I’ll email more when I get there!
Love you guys!

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